Brazilian Rainbow Boa from Rainbows-R-Us

PR-PI-1305- Male #3 from the Pearl litter.

I think this little’un is the one for me! I just have to get the nerve up to shoot Dave an email about him. For those wondering, I do believe glitternoodle's Bifrost is from him, as they and flygex-eatin-on-softies and animalmomca directed me to this particular seller after hearing my interest in the species.

HOWEVER… this is what makes me nervous:

>Possibly maybe definitely moving to Tennessee in the summer. Yes they are allowed in the state/city, but moving with snakes is a PITA. Wondering if I pay for him, if Dave will hold onto him until after I move.

>It’s currently like 20 degrees outside and we’re getting hammered with several inches of snow practically every other day and my /non-live-animal/ packages have been royally fucked due to the weather and shipping delays etcetc and I guess I’m just nervous about shipping in general with such a delicate live animal.

I guess these are things I’ll have to bring up, ho hum.