>lose tablet pen

>rage for 5 days

>give up and purchase new pen

>new pen is in shipping

>oh hey, found my tablet pen


Happy Easter from Angela!

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What's wrong with the puppy,

Overshot bite by 1/2 inch. This affects his bite and makes it hard for him to eat, drink, and operate as a normal dog.

Dwarfed legs as he’s likely a mix and not a purebred JRT. Dwarfism in dogs causes a wide host of bone, joint, and disc problems. He is likely mixed with dachshund due to his shortened (dwarfed) legs and elongated back. Doxies have a 20% chance of serious, paralyzing, back problems.

Easty-westy front feet, cowhocked back. His gait is affected and he sort of bumbles along. His back half does not swing in alignment and he must overcompensate when he runs, which means he loses control. This may or may not get better (or worse) as he ages. If he manages to survive until he’s 2, he NEEDS to be checked for hip and elbow dysplasia.

Rapidly showing signs of a mounting kidney problem. Common in puppy mill puppies (aka all puppies in pet stores in the US) and he’s about at the age where it would begin. If he does have this issue, he won’t make it to his 1st birthday.

Very skittish and startles easily. The slightest movement makes him skitter away, and he will growl. He also jumps back/to the side frequently as though he’s dodging invisible blows. Being a pet store puppy he is likely not an abuse survivor (though neglect is another story), meaning he has weak nerves, a serious fault in Jack Russell terriers and a serious endangerment in any dog. Puppies should never be skittish, scardey, or shy. If they become startled they should recover easily. Puppies that do otherwise are at high risk to become fear biters as adults.

Already somewhat same-sex aggressive, common in several terrier breeds. He has rumbled with their other male dog several times. He’s 7 months, so for him to be showing signs this early again is not good.

Because he is a pet store (puppy mill) puppy, his parents likely have not had any health testing done. Even if this was “just” a purebred JRT (which I suspect he’s not), there are serious health risks in the breed. Combine them with the risks in ANY breed with dwarfism, and that is a very bad roll of the dice.

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Why you shouldn’t buy puppies from pet stores: A Visual Example.

Why yes, that is a muzzle overshot by about a half inch.


kinda wanna go on a date, kinda wanna get hit by a truck too 

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I’m afraid to tell bean that he has a big butt.

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Visiting the fam

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Fells Point Field Trip

hah, i know that dobe.  she belongs to a clubmember.

Oh!! I thought her ears were nice and that she was well put together. So you know what her name or pedigree is?

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Frogman, I have a snake. He's a six month old ball python named Loki and he's a super adorable ball of squish. When I tell people about my babysnake, people respond with things like "I'd kill it if I could! Snakes are gross!" It really upsets me because he's my babysnake and I love him, but I don't know how to respond to them. I know some people have phobias of snakes and I don't want to invalidate them, but at the same time, he's my babysnake and those jokes hurt. How do I talk to them?


Well, first I would tell them they are jerks for wanting to kill my pet. 

Then after slapping them with a fish…


I would kindly tell them that a domesticated pet snake is very different than finding a snake in the wild. You are raising it, getting it adjusted to humans, and keeping it well fed and healthy so it doesn’t have a crazed temperament that hunger can cause in animals. 

If they have phobias, they don’t have to see or touch the snake. But telling you they would kill your pet is just a jerk move… even if it is in jest.

I would let them know that isn’t cool. Offer to prove them wrong and have them meet Loki. Tell them he makes you happy and you don’t appreciate the death threats and talk of him being gross. Maybe ask how they would feel if you said that about their puppy or kitty. Turn it around on them.

Personally, I think snakes and lizards and all manners of herptiles can be quite cute. But if I found a wild snake hiding in my closet I would run screaming with my arms flailing and then call a braver person than myself to take them back to the wild.  

People need to realize that pets and wild animals are very different things. Even the more slithery ones. 

Snakes are cool. Give Loki a pat on the [wherever snakes like to be patted] for me.

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rip unk

Realist words ever

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A white supremacist charged with killing three people near two Jewish community facilities in suburban Kansas City this week posted more than 12,000 messages on a racist website which carries the slogan “No Jews, Just Right,” according to an organization that tracks hate groups.

The online activity by Frazier Glenn Cross follows a trend in which prolific posters on hate online forums are becoming “disproportionately responsible” for racist murders and mass killings, according to a report released on Thursday by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit civil rights organization.

The report said nearly 100 people in the last five years have been murdered by frequent users of one white supremacist website, Stormfront. The site describes itself as a community of “White Nationalists” and “the voice of the new, embattled White minority.”

“It has been a magnet for the deadly and deranged,” said Heidi Beirich, author of the report.

This is part of what gets me about the whole anti-SJW thing, because one of their big talking points is that “reverse racism is just as bad! heterophobia is just as bad!” etc. So if we’re supposedly as bad as literal Nazis, then why aren’t TumblrInAction et al antagonizing, say, Stormfront members? Because they realize on some level that an angry trans person saying “I hate cis people” poses 0 actual threat to them, whereas pissing off a neo-Nazi could get them killed.

Meanwhile, POC, Jewish people, and queer people piss off neo-Nazis just by existing. But “anti-SJWs” who are supposedly for “real justice” won’t stand up against that. Apparently “real justice” can be carried out without any risk of consequences to one’s self.

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Flashback Friday! (Since I missed throwback Thursday lol)
In two days, it will have been a year since I bought my first snake, a tiny mojave ball python, who I named Bjorn.

The top picture is of myself and my little snake after I picked him out from Australian Addiction Reptiles at SLC Repticon. He only weighed 108g.

The bottom picture is last night, when we weighed in at 1018g!

A lot can change in a year, and this has been a good one!

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Being asked my opinion from a trained, certified, professional dog trainer with years of experience and titles to back it up on a problem that’s stumped him:

Humbling and honoring at the the same time.

It’s a good feeling.

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Look at that fat noodle! Gouda finally outgrew his baby hide so it was time to upgrade him. He was wearing that thing more like a hat XD Bottom pic is him in his new and improved hide in the rack. He loves it! Fits him much better now. This little piggy is growing like a weed!

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